Payball, the top sports payment app is teaming up with AutoIce, the leading league and club scheduling app.

Maximize your time when you use AutoIce to generate your league’s or club’s schedule and then use Payball to pay your Staff, Officials and anyone else working those games and practices.

League Directors, load your league’s practice and game scheduling criteria into AutoIce and kick back while its supercharged algorithm generates a schedule in a fraction of the time.

Save even more time when you use Payball to make payments instantly and use its automated tracking and reporting capabilities to eliminate risk and admin headaches like 1099s.

“We see this as a perfect fit,” says Payball CEO, Pete Makover. “Two top time-saving technologies teaming up to simplify the lives for all the league and team administrators out there.”

Contact a Payball Payment Expert and an AutoIce Scheduling Guru today to take your next steps toward a simpler world!

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