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Did you know that making payments with Payball eliminates the need for 1099’s …COMPLETELY??

This time of year everyone is up to their eyeballs processing their 1099’s – no doubt one of the least favorite jobs for someone running a sports organization.

And for those of you who SHOULD be processing 1099’s but are NOT, did you know the IRS revokes the tax exempt status from about 90,000 nonprofit organizations every year due to poor tax filings?

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We’ll help you get up an running in no time to make 2019 a simpler, easier year!

Oh, did we forgot to mention that by eliminating the need for 1099’s with Payball, that also means there’s no need to collect W9’s, no need to collect highly sensitive personal data from the people you pay, or store it…securely?

You’re welcome 🙂