We’ve heard from a lot of our customers that in addition to our much-loved mobile app they also want the option to use Payball on their desktop… so we are very excited to announce the launch of our much anticipated Payball Web app! The expected launch date as of right now is Tuesday, July 23rd.

We know our larger customers, such as tournament directors, schools, and sports complexes – do most of their administrative work on their computers and it’s more efficient to do their payments there too – and we are ALL about efficiency so we’ve built the web app to give ALL of our customers’ access to ALL of Payball’s features.

For Organizations:

  • The web app makes it easier for Directors to manage their organization and its members, with some additional user-friendly features
  • Mass payments are easier because you can import your payment file directly from your desktop
  • Payment exports download the file directly to your desktop for easier bookkeeping
  • Single payments are just as fast and easy as the mobile app
  • Click on people’s email addresses to send them an email

For “Free Agents” who get paid through Payball:

  • Accept payments from your desktop OR your mobile device… whatever works best for you
  • See your payment history and export straight to your desktop for easier bookkeeping
  • Receiving payments are just as fast and easy as the mobile app
  • Easy access to your linked Stripe account when needed

Now you’ll be able to manage your payments anywhere, anytime. We hope everyone is as excited as we are about the launch!

Check out some of the Payball features that are now available on any device: