Payball is quick, easy and frankly, the hassle-free way to pay anyone. When you transition to Payball, it makes everyone happy.  From previous users’ feedback, both payers and payees have found that the switch was simple and painless.  

Here’s what Joseph P., youth lacrosse coach & current Payball user has to say about it:

“Fast and easy way to pay referees for youth sports. Ease of use and having full accountability of what referees you’ve paid and when is awesome. Highly recommend to any sports programs that need to transfer money for any sort of related services… we primarily use for paying referees and reimbursing coaches for referee fees.”

Quick. Easy. Accurate. That’s what we’re going for. Need a little more convincing? Here are a couple ways both payer and payee benefit from their experience when using Payball.



  • Securely link bank account.
  • Transaction process is very easy and quick.
  • Send multiple payments to different recipients at one time.
  • No need for exact change or checks.
  • Set spending limits for payment managers.
  • Keep track of transactions, eliminating the need for a 1099 form.


  • Securely link bank account.
  • Direct deposit.
  • Receive payments in seconds.
  • Get paid on time.

We understand that paying sports officials, coaches and event staff is a necessary part of any organization, and we are here to help!  Payball is easy-to-use, accessible on all devices, and takes the stress out of financial transactions when your main priority is to play the game!


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