Back in early March of this year, we were so excited for the Spring sports season. We were equally excited to announce a major upgrade to Payball that cut our payment times from 5-7 business days to just 2-4 calendar days and also simplified our sign up process…

And then the world changed.

As we’ve all mourned for our lost Spring Season, for ourselves, our kids, and we’ve all been acclimating to our new reality, focusing on staying healthy and safe, it frankly just didn’t feel right to continue talking about Payball. And to be honest, as I take my first steps here, I do so with a fair amount of trepidation.

But as I see news of the sports world taking their first tentative steps towards reopening, I believe Payball has the opportunity to play a positive role in keeping our athletes, coaches, players, safe.

In the past when I talked about the safety Payball provides I was referring to fraud prevention…it now takes on a more fundamental meaning. If ever there was a time to go cashless, now is the time. Let’s get smarter, safer. There will be a lot focus on how to get everyone back to the game safely, but let’s not undermine all that good work by paying with sweaty bills or checks from your pocket.

If you’re ready to get back to the game, or you’re using this forced downtime to get smarter, please check out Payball to see how easy it is to make payments. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s safe.

And in the meantime, get out and play (anything)…and call your parents!

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