There’s no denying how challenging these past months have been for all of us.  But as we all take our first tentative steps back towards normalcy and sports organizations are starting up again, we at Payball have been working hard to make that restart as easy as possible.  We are thrilled to announce our latest release (June 27, 2020) that adds even more features to manage payments AND remain safe. 


This latest release builds off of our BIG release from March which made payments much FASTER, now clearing in just 1-4 calendar days, and also made the sign-up process much EASIER. Here is a highlight reel of our latest payment features to help your operations run FAST, EASY…and SAFE!

  • Organization Directors get more control by being able to override payments made by any member of their organization
  • You can now clone a payment for faster payments
  • Use the new Fast Action feature to Approve, Reject, Cancel or Clone a payment right from the Payments List
  • Find payments faster using the new Sort option on the Payments lists 
  • Check when your payment arrives in your bank with an easy link to your WePay Dashboard (Banks don’t tell us when your payment clears so we’re making the distinction clearer and  changing our final status to “Paid” instead of “Completed”…we understand to the Payee, the payment isn’t Complete until you see it in your bank.)

We’re excited for these new features that help people manage their payments, especially as we start to get back into the swing of things. With Payball, you can avoid the stress of paying officials, coaches, and staff, and focus more on finally being able to be back in the game! 

Simple, quick, easy, and enjoyable!

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