Payball Founder, Pete Makover, was interviewed by fellow Penn Stater, Anna Witte on her Words With Witte podcast series. Pete discusses his experience at Penn State as a member of the Men’s Lacrosse Team, how he chose his Major and had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, intern in Hong Kong, and how that set him on his career path into Management Consulting and Software Development.

Pete and Anna explore the evolution of his career, starting in a big consulting firm that literally “drove” him to a more entrepreneurial path via an epic 3-month cross-country drive with his would-be wife. They talk about the evolution of Payball, starting a side-hustle later in your career, and the (lack of) balance between his corporate career and Payball.

Pete also gets into Payball’s Summer Internship program and how it helped 25 college student athletes salvage their critical summer internships in the face of COVID-19.

And lastly, Anna and Pete talk about what’s next for Payball.