It’s often said that sports play a particularly special role in shaping the lives of our youth. From teaching important life skills – such as teamwork and communication – to developing fundamental athletic skills, to forging long-lasting friendships, youth sports have the capacity to shape the future of athletics. Reflecting on how youth sports associations have influenced our love of athletic competition and team camaraderie, our mission at Payball is to return the favor and show our support for youth sports everywhere. 

In fact, the Payball Team is happy to announce our new partnership with the Port Washington Youth Association (PYA) from Long Island. Founder and CEO Pete Makover is particularly excited about the PYA because of his strong personal ties to the town, dating back to his childhood. 

Pete’s father was a physical education teacher and high school coach in Port Washington for over 30 years. Sister, Lisa Conway, has lived in the town for more than 25 years with her husband and three daughters, who all participated in PYA sports. In fact, Lisa’s husband, Tim, is a past board member of the PYA. To top it off, Pete’s wife, Jen (George) Makover, grew up in the town and her mother still lives there on Mackey Ave!

“As a startup, I feel personally connected to all Payball clients,” says Pete, “but sometimes the relationships run far deeper, as they do with the PYA. Growing up, Port Washington was my second home and even now with so many family and friends still living in ‘P-dub,’ it’s thrilling to know the sports their kids are playing are ‘powered by Payball’!”

Reflecting on the personal ties Pete has with PYA, it’s obvious that youth sports leagues have a long-lasting impact on not only athletes, but on coaches, parents, spectators, fans, and friends alike. Inspired by the work and dedication behind each sports organization, Payball wants to continue to aid in the world of sports, especially by providing a safer, quicker, easier, and more efficient way to organize payments. 

We wish the best of luck to the PYA, and to all sports organizations, as we push to restart training and competing safely. GO LEGENDS!

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