The Simple, Fast & Affordable solution to Pay officials, event staff, coaches and more!

Payball is a mobile app that makes payments easier for sports organizations. There are three main types of users: Organization Director, Payment Manager, Freelance “Staff”, like Game Officials, Paid Coaches, Event Staff, etc. Do you wear more than one hat? Maybe you’re an Athletic Director of your town’s high school, a volunteer Team Manager for your daughter’s soccer club, and a Game Official for the local adult recreation basketball league. No problem – you can be all 3 in Payball!

Organization Directors

Instead of giving your Payment Managers cash or checks to hand out at games, use Payball to simplify their lives and yours

  • Set up your organization in minutes, securely link to a bank account, and add payment managers who can approve payments within defined spending limits. Track all payments direclty through the mobile app
  • Receive real-time alerts and monitor your organization’s payments
  • Use our email templates to invite your service providers to sign up
  • No more 1099 form filing requirements (see our FAQ for details)
  • Create 100’s of payments in seconds using the file import feature.

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Payment Managers

  • Payball simplifies the process of paying game officials, event staff, and others, enabling you to spend more time with your team and less time administering the game
  • Simply approve a payment request from your official with just one tap and you’re done…a payment is now on its way

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Officials and Staff

  • Easily and securely link your bank account to your profile to receive ACH payments through our secured network
  • Get immediate confirmation once the Payment Manager approves the payment
  • Receive real-time alerts when the payment is deposited
  • Only receive a 1099 form if you earn over $20k and conduct over 200 transactions in a year (since payments are online)

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